Rider Green exists to give writers and authors their own publishing house. We help them successfully navigate the chaotic, often intimidating, world of book publishing. We succeed by using a business model that departs from both traditional publishing houses and do-it-yourself printers.

We start with a secret that few, if any, book publishers and printers tell you up front: When you publish a book, you, the author, start a business. You become an entrepreneur! In practical terms this means that, beyond the creative work of writing a book, you must invest yourself once again to help it find its readers.

This is where Rider Green comes in. Our business model is based on the principle of affinity funding: Each book project is treated as a start-up business funded by those who believe in you and the value of your written work: private benefactors, foundations, churches, charitable organizations, civic associations, and other sources of potential funding for worthy projects.

In other words, Rider Green helps at both ends of the publishing spectrum: the creative end and the business end. We help you produce a quality book that you will be proud of and then to make sure your book reaches its targeted readers.

We specialize in works of non-fiction, but will evaluate any serious manuscript and let you know if we think we can help.

Rider Green Books
Box 488 North Berwick ME 03906