SUCCESSFUL BOOK PUBLISHING IS DIFFICULT (Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!)

OK, it's true that book printing itself is relatively simple these days. Virtually anyone with a computer and Internet service can do it. Desktop publishing, print-on-demand self-publishing, e-books, blogs and countless technical innovations have revolutionized the traditional world of book production and publication.

But, here's the problem: While almost anyone can print a book nowadays, it's still true that SUCCESSFUL book publishing—the kind that leads to quality results and actual impact—requires expertise, skill, business know-how and, perhaps most important of all, experience.

There's the catch: Experience. Unless you can show a successful track record as an already-published author, your chances of being picked up by a traditional publishing house or by an exclusive small press are slim to almost none.

Hence, a question: With the odds stacked again you, how do you and other talented writers stand a chance of getting your publishable work the attention it deserves?

Answer: Find "someone" in the publishing world that actually believes in you and thinks that you have what it takes to publish and manage a successful book project. That's us, Rider Green Books Publishers!

Our creative partners have been in the publishing business for a combined total of more than 30 years, and work today in a variety of publishing arenas, from book and magazine publishing to graphic design and printing. We've received national awards for our work and take pride in our craftmanship.

We promise to bring the same care for quality and outstanding results to your work that we deliver to all of our clients.

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